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, 2014
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How Great Consumer Brands are Grown

It all begins with an idea. Add an entrepreneur's passion, unrelenting dedication, and business acumen, and the idea becomes a company. Add Maveron, and the company now has a partner to help achieve the entrepreneur's dream of building a great consumer business.

Maveron utilizes a unique investment platform to identify and invest in the most promising consumer businesses, accelerate their trajectory, and thoughtfully monetize these companies to maximize stakeholder value. This platform encompasses our people, our network, and our insight. It is set up to deliver superior financial returns through partnerships with the best and brightest entrepreneurs who are in the early- to mid-stages of developing strong and highly differentiated brands.

Because we are 100% consumer-focused, we bring a wealth of understanding and experience to a wide range of consumer-oriented industries. Our team consists of people who have been both operators and investors and can therefore provide invaluable sector expertise in terms of content as well as process. We are also informed by a network of esteemed advisors who share with us their wisdom in areas such as business processes, industry developments, consumer trends, and marketplace influences. What this means to entrepreneurs is that our resources and support go well beyond funding—depending on their needs and wants. Many of us serve on our portfolio companies' boards, and can help with recruitment, management, operations or brand-building. Our rolodex can open doors, as well, with opportunities, strategic alliances, and partnerships that help businesses ramp faster, smarter, and with lower risk.

Admittedly, we're obsessed with getting it right. Which is why we also conduct our own research on an ongoing basis, allowing us to stay one step ahead of emerging consumer dynamics. Staying ahead of the curve means Maveron is poised to capitalize on the biggest ideas out there.

People. Network. Insight. This is how the seeds of success grow into thriving businesses.