New Chapter at Maveron

by Anarghya Vardhana, Senior Associate

I care deeply about technology and its ability to shape and change the world around us. Technology and society remain infinitely intertwined and lean on each other as they both continue to ebb and flow. This interconnectedness has fascinated me for years and has motivated me to experience a variety of sections on the technological value chain, from the behemoth, Google, to small fintech, healthtech, and even non-profit tech startups.

Consumer technology companies have the direct ability to change the lives of individuals. I saw this first-hand as I witnessed massive shifts in my hometown of Udupi, India in a short period of time with the advent of feature phones and later on, WhatsApp. Communities, business opportunities, and even relationships shifted. That’s when I fell in love with consumer applications, and ended up focusing my research at Stanford on cell phones in the rural sector of developing countries.

As I forayed into venture capital with Rothenberg Ventures almost two years ago, the allure was two-fold. I could do what I loved: 1) learn about technology while supporting the amazing people who build it, 2) support non-traditional founders through investments and advice. I learned and grew rapidly, and found a persisting love for venture capital. The team at Rothenberg taught me what it means to be “founder first,” and helped me plant a foot in the venture world with my own personal brand and commitment to provide world-class support to early entrepreneurs. Most importantly, I learned that venture allows me to combine my personal and professional interests, and I am grateful to have found an industry that allows me to do it so seamlessly — this has been a personal game changer.

Today I am thrilled to bring those learnings to my new role at Maveron. I’m driven as a product leader, user evangelist, and VC by my belief that technology should be built in a way that touches diverse lives, draws from varied experiences, and creates products and services that integrate fully into how we live. I am excited to join a team that shares these values in its DNA. I have been an admirer of Maveron’s track record of investing in enduring consumer brands and companies with broad and deep impact, from the likes of eBay that opened up numerous economic opportunities and digitized a previously un-tapped market, to General Assembly that continues to change the way we learn in the modern world.

I look forward to bringing my passion for consumer technologies with my commitment to building and growing inclusive businesses to Maveron. I am eager to work with the world-class team they’ve nurtured so diligently, and hope to contribute immensely with my perspectives and experiences.

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