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, 2014
for entrepreneurs

From Great Entrepreneurs
Come Great Companies

At Maveron, we don't invest in companies. We invest in people. We look for the most innovative entrepreneurs, the most dedicated, hard-working professionals, and the most focused and visionary individuals out there.

We look for passion, integrity and honesty. We look for independent thinkers who see beyond the conventional and have the confidence to pave new ground. We look for greatness.

And then we look at the business. Is it a product or service that fills a strong and sustainable consumer need in a potentially explosive marketplace? Is it different enough to stand out? How is the business being operated and managed? How are sales and marketing being handled? What is the growth potential? Can we help build this company into a global iconic brand?

Mostly, it is experienced entrepreneurs who come to us with the right idea at the right time. They understand the viability of their idea, because they've done this before, and done so successfully. They simply need additional resources to achieve their goals. When they get to know us, however, they're often surprised that we share the same passion for their business as they do. That we're not just about financial muscle. We actually put our heart into the partnership.

With us, the real magic happens when we find people we connect with, who share our values and our commitment to building extraordinary brands. We say brands, not businesses, because there is a real difference. A business sells stuff to people. A brand has a relationship with them. Businesses come and go. Relationships endure. And we are looking for companies that will endure.

Maybe you have a unique venture you'd like us to look at. Or maybe you'd like to take a closer look at us. If so, maybe we should meet. Who knows, it could be the start of something great.