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, 2014
Potbelly Sandwich Works
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This is Potbelly’s entire super-secret menu
Thrillist, 02/17/14

Potbelly IPO
The Wall Street Journal, 10/04/13

Maveron-backed PotBelly fills tummy with spectacular IPO
GeekWire, 10/04/13

Potbelly completed IPO (NASDAQ: PBPB)

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Dan Levitan

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"Maveron really gets us, and shares our view that great brands are built through a maniacal focus on keeping customers, and employees, really happy."
— Aylwin Lewis, President and CEO

Warm and toasty.

Americans do love to eat, especially when the food is good and the price is right. Feeding that desire may seem like a simple task, but it requires just the right combination of menu items, price points, and atmospheric elements. Which is precisely why Americans do love Potbelly Sandwich Works. Offering made-to-order toasted sandwiches for just $4.50, old-fashioned, hand-dipped shakes and malts, homemade desserts, and creamy yogurt smoothies, Potbelly hits the spot. Originally, Potbelly was an antique shop that started selling sandwiches on the side. With its welcoming and energetic atmosphere, it became a local favorite in Chicago. Founded in 1977, the company has over 200 restaurants in 12 markets and plans to continue to fill its existing primary markets while carefully expanding into a few new ones each year.