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Our newest Partner, Anarghya Vardhana

Dan Levitan

At Maveron, we value hard work, humility, and humanity above all else.  We also recognize risk-taking, authenticity, diversity, intellect, curiosity, and grit as vital characteristics in the Maveron team and in the founders we back.  We might not be unique in the importance we place on these qualities, but we think that our newest partner, Anarghya Vardhana, is unique in that she spikes high on all of them.  Anarghya joined us in the fall of 2015 and has made a lasting impression on our firm over these last three years.  As we think about what the Maveron dream team looks like today, tomorrow, and well into the future, there is no doubt that Anarghya is a key player, so we are pleased to promote her to Partner, reflecting her current and future contributions to our success.

Maveron is focused on finding and investing in the highest-potential early-stage companies building brands that improve people’s lives.  We’ve had success with digitally native brands like Allbirds, Dia & Co, Dolls Kill, Everlane, and more, and will continue to invest in that sector.  But, there are other sectors and ideas within consumer that will generate incredible value over the next 5 to 10 years.  Anarghya brings a consumer software lens to our business and is eager to spend her time at the intersection of shifting consumer behavior and technology platform shifts that create opportunities for venture-scale outcomes.  This expertise has led her to work closely with companies like Against Gravity, Pluto, Spyce, and more, which are in the consumer frontier technology space focused on mixed reality or robotics.

Anarghya has worked with every investment partner over her last three years and helped invest in and operationally support a number of Maveron portfolio companies.  She is currently a Board Observer at Booster Fuels, Inkbox, Pluto, The Guild, plus two unannounced companies.

She approaches the vast consumer category by focusing on a handful of themes at any given time.  She employs her engineering mind to stress test these themes and to constantly iterate on the option of having venture opportunities within them. Her four current areas are verticalized social networks, considering social-as-a-service (paid social), financial inclusion, and automation and innovation in supply chain or operations-heavy businesses.  If you are building a company that fits into one of those themes, doing a strategy session with Anarghya is a great use of your time.

Anarghya is especially interested in businesses that are building applications, products, and services for systematically overlooked communities, which aligns with her empathy for an increasingly multicultural world.  She is a lifelong student of the nuanced relationship between culture and capitalism, and she believes there are huge value creation opportunities to be gained by framing the world in a multicultural way.  Anarghya is also passionate about using capitalism as a tool to allow communities to flourish and make a positive contribution to the world.

She brings her A game to work every day.  We love her positive attitude, commitment to putting founders first, and drive to win.  She is disciplined, intellectually rigorous, a natural community builder, and unafraid to respectfully disagree or ask tough questions.

Anarghya is helping shape our culture and is an incredible ambassador of the Maveron brand.  Please join us in congratulating her with this promotion to Partner.

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