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Anarghya Vardhana is Promoted to Principal


You know those people who just light up a room when they walk in? Whose passion and curiosity is contagious to those around them? Well, that’s Anarghya Vardhana and we’ve been fortunate to have her on the Maveron team since 2015.

And today, we are so excited to announce that Anarghya has been promoted to Principal.

At Maveron, Anarghya combines her passion for technology and consumer trends to invest in the next-generation of great consumer brands.  She works closely with a number of our portfolio companies, including: Imperfect Produce, Booster Fuels, and PlutoVR (plus two more we can’t talk about yet!).

Anarghya’s investment interests range from the next generation of consumer technology, specifically voice and augmented reality, to products and services being built for systematically overlooked communities. She is a self-proclaimed supply chain nerd, and is especially interested in companies that offer consumers a superior and unique product because of supply chain innovation.

Anarghya has been an integral part of our organization for the past two years, and continues to bring to the Maveron team both an eye for great products and a nose for what customers crave. She is part of the next generation of great investors and has a very bright future at Maveron.  We are committed to supporting her and mentoring her as she builds her career. You will find Anarghya in San Francisco (where she lives with her husband and dog) and on the road meeting companies in New York, LA, Seattle, Austin, and anywhere else a great lead takes her.  You’ll also find her around the Portland area where she grew up and still has a close network of friends and family. Anarghya’s passion for consumer and venture impacts all parts of her life, and we are especially proud of the diverse community of VCs and entrepreneurs she fosters here in the Bay Area.


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