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Elise Hebb

Hi Founders!

I’m thrilled to share that this week, I joined the incredible team at Maveron!

Three things about me…

Driven by impact

My career has been a journey of seeking out roles within companies that aim to positively impact the lives of people everyday. Most recently, I was Head of Culture at Pinterest. Before taking on culture, I led Global Partner Marketing and was our first Head of Growth helping scale Pinterest from 25 million to more than 100 million monthly active users. Before joining Pinterest in 2012, I worked at Facebook growing its developer ecosystem in the four years leading up to its IPO.

I believe that the companies that focus on delivering impact to the world & value to the end consumer will ultimately succeed. And I look forward to helping you create brands and cultures where any person at your company is empowered to deliver value to your consumers.

Passionate about learning

I’ve been known as someone who picks things up quickly, so much so that I’ve often been asked to take on new roles/responsibilities/projects when we lacked the expertise in-house. I’m in constant pursuit of learning new things personally and professionally. I love to read, chat with experts and even more so, I love to do things. Whether it’s traveling, taking improv classes, learning how to speak Mandarin, scuba diving or any new skill, learning is in my DNA.

In our industry, there’s constant learning and I believe you have to yearn to learn in order to keep up.

Committed to building lasting relationships

My life is filled with lifelong relationships and friendships built on trust and respect. I’ve been lucky, but have also actively worked to grow and nurture them. As I think about the work we’ll do together, I’ll strive to be a supportive partner through the ups and downs of building a company.

So, why VC?

Last year, I was inspired by this article and got really curious about why female founders received only 2% of VC funding.

I was incredibly motivated by the efforts of #ANGELS, AllRaise, Backstage Capital and so many others to make progress here, and started angel investing. Not knowing how to begin, I started reading voraciously, went to YC Startup Investor School and got into First Round’s AngelTrack. I kicked off an AMA on Leap. I also had the opportunity to connect with investors like Aileen Lee, Sarah Tavel, Elizabeth Weil, Rachel Sheinbein, Sarah Smith, Chloe Sladden and many others who inspired and encouraged me to pursue this path. Which leads me to…

…why Maveron?

The people at Maveron, along with the founders and companies they work with, are incredibly special. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of this team. Getting to know them, their unique focus on early-stage consumer-tech companies (healthcare, social, gaming, e-commerce, and more), culture, and values ultimately won me over. And, I’m not the first nor the only female partner!

Last year, Maveron turned 20. This snippet from Dan’s post truly resonated with me:

“So, when I think about the next 20 years at Maveron, I will be most proud when we back consumer-tech companies that achieve outsized success because they stand for things that matter, are ubiquitous, and improve the lives of millions of consumers.
I will be most proud when the founders who created those businesses come from all walks of life, are fully representative of the gender and racial diversity that make up our country, and choose to partner with Maveron because our brand and network attract world-class entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the status quo. We are going to treat the Maveron team, the founders we back, and everyone who comes into our world with humanity, respect, and curiosity. We will continue to look for products that make people’s lives better and brands that build us up and bring us together. We will continue to partner with a diverse set of non-normal, maverick entrepreneurs with the vision to see where consumers are going. In fact, 20 years ago our name — Maveron — was created from the combination of Maverick + Vision.”

And you?

If you’re just starting out and ready to scale, we’d love to help! Feel free to reach out to me or anyone at MaveronMy bio lists some initial areas that I’ll be exploring. Stay tuned on MediumInstagram, or Twitter for more updates from me. Thanks for reading!

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