‘I have started 17 companies and when I was looking for a venture partner to create an entirely new industry – scientific wellness, Maveron was the obvious choice. They get consumers like no one else. The Maveron team has provided laser focus, strategic counsel and strong leadership from day one. And their expertise in health & wellness has enabled us to jumpstart Arivale in a matter of months, rather than years.’


Arivale is a revolutionary new wellness company that combines cutting-edge science, personalized data, and tailored coaching to help clients optimize wellness and avoid disease. Arivale gets to know people at the deepest level by looking at their genome, their blood and saliva, gut microbiome, and lifestyle. The company then connects each client with a personal coach who provides clear, actionable recommendations to help them thrive. It’s another example of Maveron bringing to life an innovative company, beginning with a Seed investment and scaling to a Series A investment.