‘Maveron’s experience in supporting breakthrough consumer brands was invaluable as we developed our vision to empower consumers and to transform the shopping experience.’


Until it was acquired by eBay in 2013, Decide.com was an innovative price-forecasting startup that used predictive analytics to help consumers decipher whether to buy a product now or wait for a price drop. eBay is now using Decide’s technology to mine troves of transaction data, in order to create tools for sellers. Like everybody else, we’re consumers—and we thought co-founder Mike Fridgen was dead right when he told us he wanted to completely eliminate buyer’s remorse. We respected Mike’s entrepreneurial DNA. He helped to create Farecast, which predicted airline ticket prices and later was bought by Microsoft. Indeed, our investing in Decide was the fastest we’ve ever gone from introduction to term sheet: less than two weeks. We’ll be looking to back Mike’s next big idea one of these days.