‘Maveron shows up wearing both an entrepreneur’s hat and an investor’s hat. It’s incredibly thrilling to be on the same team with all-stars who are so successful at building billion-dollar consumer brands.’


Eargo is a consumer-centric, next-generation hearing aid company that was co-founded by the father and son team of Dr. Florent Michel and Raphael Michel along with Daniel Shen. Eargo believes that caring for your hearing health should not compromise your lifestyle, appearance, or checkbook.  Eargo aims to disrupt a market where roughly 300 million people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss in the world are not satisfied with the performance and stigma of existing hearing solutions.  Enter Eargo, which has developed patented technology for a med tech compliant hearing aid that looks and feels like an elegant consumer electronic device — and at half the cost of traditional hearing aids.  Maveron led Eargo’s $13.6 million Series A round, which helped to fuel the development and commercialization of the technology. Eargo went public on October 16, 2020 (NASDAQ: EAR).