‘What makes Maveron special is they partner with companies through experience, passion, and a commitment to helping emerging brands become great—taking a stand even if it’s not popular, and going above and beyond what’s expected.’


Founded in 1999 by former Nike executives, lucy Activewear specializes in clothing for women that “fits, flatters and inspires.” Celebrating the joy of working out, it designs, manufactures and markets exclusive-label retail apparel for the yoga room, the gym, the track, and outdoor exploration. The company has several dozen stores across the U.S., as well as a robust website. Combining high-tech fabrics with a stylish sensibility, lucy created a niche for successful women who don’t want to look like they’re headed to seventh-grade PE class. “lucy” comes from the Latin word for “light.” We invested in lucy in 2001—an early Maveron example of our focus on inventive consumer businesses. VF Corporation bought lucy Activewear in 2007.