‘From our first conversation with Jason and Anarghya they understood the customer problem MASSE is solving for. Maveron’s deep understanding of the modern consumer makes them the ideal partner and we are excited to embark on this journey together.’


Founded by Elizabeth Shaffer and Lizzy Brockhoff, MASSE is a new shopping platform that aims to reinvent the way consumers find and purchase products.  The platform makes it simple for friends to ask for and share product recommendations with their most trusted friends. Credibility is at the core of the MASSE experience, and the platform takes a zero tolerance policy towards sponsored posts, fake reviews, or any type of paid-for products.  The platform organizes your recommendations in a way that is useful for consumers, enabling search, as well as filtering by categories – Baby & Toddler, Beauty & Personal Care, Home & Garden and Health & Wellness.

MASSE was built off the insight that consumers have become overwhelmed with the number of options available online, and disillusioned with many traditional sources of discovery.  Brands have learned to manipulate reviews, and paid-for posts have seeped into traditional sources of inspiration and guidance. As consumers have become increasingly aware of this, they have returned to receiving product recommendations from trusted friends & family. MASSE aims to make this process simpler and more efficient – providing users with the most efficient way to find the right products for themselves and their family.