‘Maveron understands customer experience. They immediately saw the value of making fertility information more accessible, not just through a test, but through an immersive educational platform. We are fortunate to have their support to bring women access to fertility information, earlier in life.’


Modern Fertility is a women’s health company that empowers all women to make informed decisions about their health, starting with fertility. Modern Fertility uses the same lab tests previously confined to fertility clinics and makes them more accessible by enabling women to take a sample with a finger-prick at home or by going to a nearby lab for a traditional blood draw. And, the test is a fraction of the cost compared to seeing a specialist. By educating women and arming them with powerful information about their reproductive health, the company is closing the fertility information gap and enabling women to have more data for decision-making. Co-founded by Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy, Modern Fertility has raised a total of $7 million to advance fertility science so women can learn more about their bodies on their own terms.