‘From the moment I walked into the Maveron office, they understood what we were all about. Working with passionate people is the most important thing in building our company, and that’s why we partnered with Maveron.’


Peach is a brilliant e-commerce solution to a daily dilemma for the American workforce: What’s for lunch and how do I get it? We’re all tired of eating at the same place in the same neighborhood.  We want something new, every day, from a good restaurant, at a good price. Seattle-based Peach offers precisely that—delivering lunch from well-known, four-Yelp-stars-rated restaurants right to your work location.  The company operates in Seattle, Boston, and San Diego.  Peach unites a passion for food, the convenience of text messaging, and the excess capacity of restaurants. In serving up a great deal for both consumers and restaurants, Peach is revolutionizing lunch for office workers in a highly scalable way. The company was founded in 2014 by Nishant Singh, who spent four years at Amazon. Peach sits at the delicious intersection of food and technology—a field Maveron knows so well. We led the seed round.