‘Maveron has brought us both a new level of financial support—and, more important, insight. They helped us even before we signed a deal.’


Trupanion provides medical insurance for pets, covering 90% of veterinary costs and featuring fair premiums, unlimited payouts, and fast approval. We met founder Darryl Rawlings in 2007. The company was then based in western Canada, but poised to expand into a nascent marketplace. We urged Darryl to move his family and the business to the U.S. Like a golden retriever going for a Frisbee, he leapt at the chance. That kind of excitement and dedication is why we fall in entrepreneurial love at Maveron. We were Trupanion’s first institutional investor and we’ve been with Darryl ever since.  Trupanion went public in July 2014 (NASDAQ: TRUP).