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Natalie Dillon is Promoted to Principal


I first met Natalie Dillon on a panel at Stanford, where we were discussing career options and paths with undergraduates. Natalie’s easy attitude, precise answers, and sincere demeanor stood out to me, and from that day an ongoing relationship came easily. Almost two years later, Natalie joined Maveron as a Senior Associate, and today, we’re excited to announce that she has been promoted to Principal.

Natalie perfectly represents what it means to be a member of the Maveron team. Maveron co-founder and partner, Dan Levitan, said it best, “All of us at Maveron are excited to see Natalie get promoted to Principal. Natalie embodies our core values and fosters great relationships with entrepreneurs. As a student of consumer behavior, Natalie brings us true insight into youth and culture driven businesses.”

Natalie is highly collaborative and relentlessly committed to self-improvement, she has a profit and purpose-based view of the world, and a hustle like none other. At our annual meeting this October, Natalie wowed us all with her stellar presentation diving deep into the world of teens and tweens, explaining Gen-Z and their many intricacies and nuances. She continues to bring a differentiated outlook, and a differentiated but complementary network and skill set to our team.

Natalie has accomplished a great deal at Maveron in less than two years. She has invested in numerous seed companies, sourced and shepherded the process for a series A investment we led, organized over a dozen brand and community-building events and dinners, and played a critical role in a portfolio company’s growth round.

Entrepreneurs seek Natalie out, and she continues to develop a compelling and positive personal brand for herself amongst the venture community. At Maveron, we are entirely focused on consumer businesses. Natalie spends most of her time looking at the future of entertainment, connection, and culture — everything from social apps to the creator economy to platforms that elevate cultural icons. If you’re building in any of these spaces, please reach out to her at

We are thrilled to see Natalie continue to grow at our firm, and can’t wait for what her bright future holds. Please join us in congratulating Natalie on her promotion!

-Anarghya Vardhana

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