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It’s not just a new ballgame. It’s a whole new sport.


Our companies let you do some amazing things: Track your health. Order everything from fuel to shoes to produce. Take a class. Lease an apartment. Their common thread: they come to you. We live in the age of the empowered consumer. Technology is integrated into life in increasing ways. Yes, consumers buy things. But these days the consumer experience eclipses e-commerce. Consumers also track their health, manage finances, take classes, and connect with their communities. The Internet revolution and the growth of mobile devices have done more than just break down market barriers; they have built a deeply connected society where everyone and everything is discoverable. Mobile devices are becoming the “remote control” for consumers’ lives, connecting them to marketplaces to shop, plan, and order products and services from businesses and other consumers, all without ever leaving their couches. With this convenience-driven behavior, companies continue to thrive by serving as the connective tissue between the supply and demand of a market, taking a transaction cut in exchange for making the connection. Technology has taken the once local, offline behavior of connecting someone looking for a good or service with those that can provide it and made it easier, faster and cheaper. As a result, marketplaces have emerged as one of the biggest and most successful consumer technology categories.


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