Cat Lee


One of the first things you’ll notice about Cat is how much she smiles. Her genuine positivity precedes her and helps her quickly connect with others. But more than fast friendships, Cat prides herself on the lifelong relationships she has built on trust and respect. Through the ups and downs of building a company, founders can rely on Cat’s support.

Cat joined Maveron in January 2019. Cat brings over 15 years of operating experience including time spent at Facebook and Pinterest.  Most recently, she was Pinterest’s Head of Culture. Her experiences have given her a good lens on where consumer technology is going. She’s also got product chops – something we think is a great foundation to be an investor in consumer brands. Her varied operating roles across people, marketing, product, and engineering enables her to help founders in many different capacities.

Cat is always up for sharing a meal together or karaoke. Fun fact – she’s sung karaoke in all 7 continents and you’ll often find her belting out, “Baby I was born this waayy!”

“Flying car” consumer prediction for 50 years into the future:

  • AI friends: People have meaningful conversations and relationships with AI. There will also be holographic communication.
  • Beauty & Fashion: Changing your look will be as instantaneous as changing your clothes. Products are by default made from ethical & sustainable materials.
  • Family: Families will have more options and services to have and care for children. There may even be an artificial womb! The gender pay gap that exists today as a result of struggles here will be a thing of the past.
  • The Future is Female (Founders): Instead of less than 3% of all VC funding going to female founders, it will be 50% in 50 years (hopefully sooner).
  • Home is a platform: Each house has an intelligent operating system that acts as a house manager — it automatically manages repairs, orders food/supplies, handles security, and conserves energy.
  • Healthcare: Personalized nutrition, fitness, healthcare and wellness is accessible and affordable.

What’s the last significant item you bought for yourself? “The Sun is Shining” by Wei Ping (a signed print). She’s a Shanghai-based artist that portrays young women and their inner thoughts. This work features her niece studying for the national exam. The words, “Stop Thinking” and “Keep Thinking” are written throughout as reminders that in life, you often need to balance the two trains of thought. She seeks to remind people that you should strive to not overthink things and enjoy life.

What skill would you like to learn? Reading and speaking Chinese fluently

What is your motto? Just be. It’s a reminder to myself to be in the moment and be me.