Natalie Dillon


“We are so grateful to have Natalie and the entire Maveron team in our corner. From our initial meeting, we felt Natalie’s deep belief in our vision and big goal to create a new consumer category. She provides us with exactly the right amount of guidance, insights and introductions while also offering the trust the team needs to build a thoughtful and stable foundation.”

—Julie Rice, Co-Founder of Peoplehood

Natalie came home from school one day with a simple note from her kindergarten teacher – Natalie is good at patterns. Decades later, from spotting her opponents’ errors on the tennis courts at Stanford, to studying financial markets on Wall Street, to curating playlists on SoundCloud, Natalie always loves identifying consumer trends and meeting people who defy the odds.

Prior to Maveron, Natalie was at Susa Ventures, a premier seed-stage fund in San Francisco. At Susa, Natalie worked with the team to source and help diligence several investments, largely in the consumer space. Before Susa, Natalie was a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs and a research associate at Silicon Valley Bank, where her passion for studying consumer businesses, building relationships, and identifying outliers flourished. Stories about Natalie speak to her hustle, relationship building nature, and intellectual curiosity. 

A San Francisco native, Natalie wrote her first college paper on the rise of coffee shops as co-working spaces that she saw take off in the Mission district. She’s a sucker for a well designed coffee shop, hole in the wall taco joints, and a good sci-fi novel.

“Flying car” consumer prediction for 50 years into the future:

  • wellness: practicing good mental health will be commonplace. Similar to flu shots, consumers at minimum will see a therapist on a yearly basis to receive their checkup.
  • esports: esports will drop the e, and will be synonymous with sports.
  • urbanization: cities will be designed around autonomous vehicles and the ecosystems they enable cars as entertainment capsules, mass market food delivery, 24/7 instant commerce and availability of services.
  • longevity: humans will live longer and redefine what it means to age – consumers will increasingly have multiple careers and multiple expressions of their lives.

What inspires you?  The ability of a small group of people to have extraordinary impact.

What is your strongest personal quality? Empathy

What skill would you like to learn? To learn Mandarin at a conversational level and learn how to DJ at a basic level

What’s the last significant item you bought for yourself? Heather Day painting.