Elise Hebb


Elise joined Maveron in January 2017 and leads the firm’s fundraising, investor relations, and marketing efforts. She also oversees Maveron’s administrative and finance teams. Elise has worked in private equity and venture capital her entire professional career, and brings experience from all sides of the industry (legal, Limited Partner, General Partner, and fundraising).

Elise is passionate about her customers, which at Maveron means delivering world-class returns to the firm’s investors and supporting Maveron’s community of entrepreneurs who are taking big risks to build the next generation of great consumer brands. Of equal importance is cultivating and supporting the Maveron team because she knows that all of us working together to support our companies gives them a much greater chance of succeeding.

Elise loves anything and everything to do with food and you are guaranteed to always get a great restaurant recommendation from her. She also usually has a motivational quote at the ready. One of her favorites is the one that is the entirety of the Nordstrom employee handbook: “Use good judgment in all situations.”

Go-to app: These days it’s United and Alaska 

Most impactful brand on your life: Nordstrom, Starbucks, Amazon (the Seattle consumer trifecta)

Last significant item you bought for yourself: A last-minute, surprise trip to Disneyland for my family. So expensive. So magical.

Desert island companion: My two kids are my life companions

Talent you’d most like to have: The gift of not caring what other people think

The lowest depth of misery: Being mediocre