Angie Gabel


Angie brings over 20 years of Administrative Support experience to the Maveron Team. She joined Maveron in June 2022 and supports Dan Levitan. With experience in marketing, healthcare, and real estate technology, her well-rounded background allows for a comfortable approach to matters at hand and an openness to learn more.

Prior to joining Maveron, Angie had completed her Masters Degree in Management through the Harvard Extension School and was working for a medical care guideline company.

She relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 2021 and loves living an active lifestyle with her husband and their three big dogs. Angie spends her spare time cooking, Netflix binge-watching, rowing her boat, Geschenke, and of course picking up after her three dogs and all their toys!

What’s your go-to app? Google Maps. I like to look at areas where I am traveling and see what is nearby.

What is your strongest personal quality? My sense of humor and my ability to go with the flow – “don’t let the small stuff get you down” is a great mantra that I try to keep in mind each and every day.

Which living person do you most admire? Any and all who have survived breast cancer. As a survivor, I feel a sense of sisterhood.