Nicole Gilbert


Nicole brings an account management and administrative background to Maveron. She joined the team in August 2019 and supports Natalie Dillon.

Prior to joining Maveron, she worked in New York City at an investment bank on Wall Street. A Southern California native, Nicole can be found spending her free time at the beach or catching up on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends.

What’s your go-to app? Instagram

Which consumer brand has greatly impacted your life? Since moving to SF, I cannot live without Uber.

What is your motto? Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want.

What do you most value in your friends? I like to surround myself with loyal, honest, kind, and funny people!

What company that didn’t exist 5 years ago has become essential to your life? The Melissa Wood Health brand is my current go to. Melissa’s movement principals, mindful eating, and meditation daily practices are key to my happiness and health!