Julie Barchek


Julie is living proof that accountants aren’t boring. She has been a gregarious and whip-smart member of the Maveron team since 2006, helping with fund accounting and investor communications, and contributing to lively conversations about politics and pop culture. In her spare time, Julie devours a nonstop stream of books and podcasts. She regularly volunteers her accounting skills to nonprofits around the Pacific Northwest.

Desert island book, companion, food: Matt Damon, La Croix water, and I could never choose just one book

Living person most admired: President Obama, Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter (kind of a theme here)

Traits most valued in your friends: Honesty, humor, smarts and loyalty

Favorite character: Wolverine

Favorite occupation: Chairman of the Federal Reserve, or librarian

Lowest depth of misery: Hopelessness

Most treasured possession: My memories

What inspires you: Persistence

Motto: Be nice or leave