Jerry Lu


Born to a family of engineers, Jerry grew up perpetually curious about the world. With the Lego set his parents bought him for his fifth birthday, he became fascinated with using the little bricks to build whatever came to mind. This would later influence him to follow his parents’ path into becoming an engineer. After graduating with a BS and MS from UC Berkeley, he started his career in consumer tech and then spent several years in media, both as an operator and investor.

Prior to Maveron, Jerry was at Advancit Capital, a media-focused investment fund investing in tech-enabled, consumer, and next-generation media companies. In addition to completing his MBA at Wharton, Jerry spent his time before becoming an investor as an operator, leading operations at Spate (a YC-backed startup using data to predict the next big consumer trends). He built his career as a data scientist at Google, where he helped to launch and grow YouTube’s first paid subscription businesses (YouTube Red, YouTube Music, YouTube TV).

Working in consumer technology and digital media has led to Jerry’s passion in identifying and working with companies that shape not only consumer behavior but also the future of media and pop culture. As a Taiwanese-American born in the Bay Area and living in New York, he can be found eating his way around town in San Francisco, visiting art galleries in New York, or fashion shopping in Asia.

Which consumer brand has greatly impacted your life? MyFitnessPal. My weight loss journey only became feasible when I started to take a quantitative approach to health and fitness. As a data junkie, the journaling and logging of food on top of the community support was the motivation I needed to improve my health.

What’s your go-to app? Grailed

Which living person do you most admire? Jeff Bezos, particularly for his embodiment of a “Day One” mentality, belief that great companies never abandon a startup mentality, and conviction that learning is a lifelong pursuit.

What do you most value in your friends? Trust, loyalty.

What is your strongest personal quality? Tenacity, genuine curiosity.