Mike Witkowski


Mike joined Maveron in 2009. At the office you’ll usually find him at his desk, earbuds in, listening to music or just basking in the silence. Originally from Poland, Mike took the long way to Seattle, spending time in school in both the U.K. and France. His financial experience, like his taste in music, is vast and deep.

Go-to app: Business Insider

Toughest part of starting a consumer company: Taking the first step to do it

Consumer brand that has greatly impacted your life: Apple

Talent you’d most like to have: Persuasiveness

Favorite occupation: Surgeons and teachers, in that order

Lowest depth of misery: Being paralyzed by fear and unable to act

Greatest achievement: Family

What inspires you: A thoughtful conversation

Strongest personal quality: Honesty

Skill you’d like to learn: Playing an instrument

Motto: Do not be afraid to act and/or ask