Wendy Woska


Wendy has a 20-year career working in administration and communications supporting top-level leaders. She joined Maveron in March 2018 as Executive Assistant to Dan Levitan.

Prior to Maveron, she spent nine years at bgC3 where she supported Bill Gates’ chief of staff. Before that, she worked in private equity and venture capital in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wendy loves the adrenaline of outdoor adventure – skiing, ski touring and backpacking with her husband, friends and dog.

What’s your go-to app? Audible, Kindle and YouTube are pretty great. Skillshare is my newest discovery/latest obsession.

Desert Island food: Ciudad Grill’s roasted brussels sprouts with carrot chips, burnt honey and tomato sambal – such a delicious combo of salty, crispy, spicy, sweet and it’s veggie for healthiness.

What is your strongest personal quality? Tenacity. If I commit to something I see it through, to the best of my ability.

What is your motto? Rather than complain, ask for your needs to be met.