Cap Hill Brands


Jason Stoffer
Dan Levitan


Kevin Saliba
Jason LeeKeenan


Founded 2020
Partnered 2020

Cap Hill Brands is a consumer products company that acquires and operates great brands at scale. The team has acquired nearly 35 brands and aims to build the next great CPG company, starting with Amazon sellers and expanding to other channels.

Our bet on this company is fundamentally a bet on people. We have known founders and Co-CEOs Kevin Saliba and Jason LeeKeenan for over a decade. When they pitched us the idea that became Cap Hill Brands, it was just a napkin (and we were happy to invest just based on that).

When someone is building an e-commerce company, an investor is betting on a founder to do a thousand little things right. This requires strong generalists who are able to hire the right people at the right time. Both Kevin and Jason are immensely talented generalists who are good at just about everything. If they have one combined superpower, it is their recruiting—they have an eerie gift of attracting incredible talent.

They earned our trust because we had seen their previous work at portfolio company Zulily. At Maveron, we like to get to know the management teams at the companies we back, and inevitably talented people from those companies will spinout and start other things. We're committed—when it makes sense for both of us—to back people coming out of the companies that are in our portfolio. We are ecstatic to be Kevin and Jason’s partners in this journey.