Our values are our brand


are our

Brands need to stand for something more than just growth at any cost.

Maveron is no different. Our values are our brand. Our values frame everything we do — how we invest, how we hire and how we run the firm. We have stayed true to these principles from day one.
Unapologetically non-normal
It's no accident that comic book superheroes have unique stories. Something dramatically formative occurs that gives them a unique perspective and drive to change the world. Being different is precisely what generates their strength. We take pride in - and generate power from - being non-normal. We believe the only way to inspire change is to eschew the status quo and think differently.
'ships over 'actions
Our work is about relationships, not transactions. We invest in people; we don't do deals. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do. They are our product. Creating a mutual commitment complete with transparency, honesty, and alignment is our springboard for doing great things together.
profit + purpose
We place equal weight on both the opportunity and the responsibility to make change in the world. The decisions we make today must always consider the impact they will have tomorrow. Progress is worth every bit of time and energy needed - it's no small effort. As Steve Jobs challenged us all, make a dent in the universe.
Win the right way
As Mark Twain said, "Always do right. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." Let's be astonishing in our capacity to doing the right thing, especially when it's hard. After all, there is zero downside, and everything to gain.