Jason Stoffer


Jessica Rolph
Roderick Morris


Founded 2015
Partnered 2018

Lovevery has a simple mission: to create play products designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.

When we first met the company, our interest wasn’t piqued by yet another toy startup. What got us excited was a pair of founders with perfectly complementary skill sets. Jessica Rolph had previously sold a baby food company to Danone, and Rod Morris had spent many years running operations teams at scaling startups. It was this fantastic pairing of product obsession and detail orientation that really sold us.

To give an example: when Jessica first pitched us, she laid out dozens of Lovevery products and explained specifically how each product helped foster childrens’ developmental needs. Before launching the business, Jessica traveled the country visiting parents from all walks of life for over a year to truly understand what parents wanted for their kids. The team realized that by pairing incredible, thoughtful toys with educational content, they could help parents have peace of mind that their baby was developing properly.

We partnered with Jessica and Rod in 2018, leading their first round of institutional capital. Now the company has become a staple of baby registries worldwide and an indispensable companion to parents in raising their kids.

Lovevery’s commitment to childhood development and quality products and content has given the company license to offer additional products as infants develop into early childhood. We were and are honored to be partners with Jessica and Rod on this journey and know the best is yet to come.