Thirty Madison


Jason Stoffer


Steven Gutentag
Demetri Karagas


Founded 2017
Partnered 2017

Thirty Madison is a healthcare company devoted to creating exceptional outcomes for patients. Each of its specialized brands is focused on a specific chronic condition and provides personalized treatments and care; with Keeps for men's hair loss, Cove for migraine, Picnic for allergies, Facet for skin conditions, and NURX for sexual health.

At Maveron, we get excited about exceptional founders. The team behind Thirty Madison embodies this. Steve and Dimitri had sold a previous startup to Homejoy (later acquired by Google) and know what it takes to build an enduring consumer company. We like backing founders who had previous success and want to go even bigger with their next opportunity. Thirty Madison was their next big thing.

In partnership, there is always a delicate balance of trust between cofounders. The interactions between Steve and Dimitri revealed a genuine partnership—in multiple instances of us getting to know them, they finished each other's sentences and demonstrated how deep their relational roots go. Moreover, they individually exhibited the attributes we love in entrepreneurs—speed, tenacity, and an obsession with detail-oriented execution.

When the company started with Keeps for men’s hair loss, the team demonstrated how customer-obsessed they are. They did non-intuitive things like podcast ads (which was novel at the time) that would appeal to the product’s target market of millennial men. Over and over again, their innovative approach to marketing has yielded outsized results.

Watching the company scale up through multiple brands and a major acquisition in 2022 has proven our faith in them. Thirty Madison now serves nearly one million patients.