Two Chairs


Dan Levitan
Anarghya Vardhana


Alex Katz


Founded 2017
Partnered 2018

Two Chairs is a therapy startup, providing virtual 1:1 therapy for adults, almost entirely covered by insurance. With the growing mental health challenges in America, Two Chairs solves for one of the biggest healthcare problems we face today.

When we first met the founder and CEO, Alex Katz, we were impressed with his measurement based care orientation, and obsession with clinical quality. The goal of Two Chairs is to not keep people in therapy forever, it's to drive true, positive outcomes in the lives of its customers.

One core part of the strategy is that the therapists, the core asset to the business, are W2'ed by Two Chairs, and the company places deep value in recruiting and retaining the best of the best. This translates into optimal care for the patient base.

At Maveron, as we think about healthcare access, we believe that the biggest and best healthcare companies will be covered by insurance, with the customer not having to pay out of pocket. Two Chairs has and continues to deliver on this, bringing value to large health systems as well as the patients within them.

As Alex and his team dedicatedly work towards building a mentally healthier America, we are proud to back him and to partner with him on this critical journey.