Anarghya Vardhana


“We love working with Anarghya! She feels like a natural extension of the Imperfect team, and has been a huge asset to us, from the ideas and perspective she brings to our board meetings to all the doors she’s opened for us.”

—Ben Simon, Co-Founder of Imperfect Produce

Yes, Anarghya was named a 2017 “30 under 30” in venture capital by Forbes. Yes, she published a math theorem at the age of 17. But the achievements Anarghya is most proud of are her relationships and community in and out of work, her solid connection to her Indian roots, and her ability to straddle multiple cultures well.

Anarghya joined Maveron in 2015 after working for several startups in product management and operations roles. She focuses her energies on consumer social apps and digital health, where technology intersects with massive shifts in human behavior and mental + physical needs.

Anarghya is passionate about diversity in tech and considers it a lifelong mission to get more women involved in technology, and to increase diversity in both thought and practice in the field. In her spare time, Anarghya trains for marathons and performs as an Indian classical dancer.

Consumer brands that have greatly impacted your life: Amazon, Uber.

In 50 years… Humans won’t operate cars. Augmented reality communication. No cash payments. Most everything built on the blockchain. And an astonishment that most products and services in the past were built for a largely white, affluent consumer-base. The big consumer tech venture scale businesses of the future will have incredibly diverse users!

Company that didn’t exist 5 years ago that has become essential to your life: Robinhood.

Most treasured possession: Two gold bangles my late grandmother gave me. I never take them off.