David Wu


“David is a rock star. You can’t find a better partner to build and scale your consumer business. The man exudes insights – meaty, borne-out-of-his-own-entrepreneurial-saga wisdoms. When I think about the origin of many of our great historical turning points, I think of David. His sheer commitment drives you harder personally.”

—Frank Mycroft, CEO of Booster

Some people get a job after college. Some people build a houseboat and raft it down the entire length of the Mississippi River. David is in the latter camp. He followed that adventure with a gig touring as a professional bass player. Then, because he clearly has a daring streak, he launched his two-decade tech career by writing a few hundred thousand lines of C++ code. For 20 years now, he’s been an entrepreneur, tech executive, angel investor and, since 2012, a Maveron partner.

David joined Maveron to help identify new consumer tech investments – especially those at the intersection of entertainment, social, and gaming. He is an active music supporter, and he is a member of the Recording Academy and a board member of the GRAMMY Museum and GRAMMY Foundation. A Bay Area native, you’ll often find David coaching entrepreneurs at various top incubators. He is rumored to sleep occasionally.

Go-to app: Amazon Kindle, but I will always pick a pop culture book before a business book

Toughest part of being an entrepreneur: Exuding unwavering confidence when inside you are worried to death

Desert island food: I’m a sucker for a really good potsticker

Strongest personal quality: Eternal optimism