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Hunter Lampson

Hunter Lampson

Chief of Staff

Hunter's passion for investing started at a young age. When he was just eight years old, while out for a stroll to the neighborhood Starbucks with his mom, Hunter purchased his first publicly-traded security for just $15—it was SBUX. Over a decade later, it’s fitting that he finds himself at Maveron where he serves as the first-ever Chief of Staff to Dan Levitan - the man who took Starbucks public in 1992.

As a member of the investment team, Hunter hopes to partner with entrepreneurs who create tools that enable societal transformation. Hunter draws inspiration from brands that empower and engage consumers to generate enduring cultural affect.

Prior to Maveron, Hunter spent time at Goldman Sachs where he advised clients—from founders to fund managers—on capital deployment across public and private assets. While at Goldman, he collaborated closely with the Digital Assets team and served on the LGBTQ+ network. His circuitous path to venture investing also included stints at a climate tech startup, as an in-house writer for an architecture firm, and as an English teacher in the Italian countryside.

Hunter earned his Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Amherst College. At Amherst, he co-led the development of the Climate Action Plan, Amherst's commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. In addition to his passion for environmental justice, Hunter's experience as a queer college football player instilled in him a drive to connect people from diverse backgrounds together to create inclusive communities.

Guided by his late teacher and mentor, Merilee Bales, Hunter's motto is "Your Life Is What You Make It."

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